We’ve had a tremendous volume of applications, and we now have a waiting list to fulfill.  If you previously applied, please know that your application is good for one year.  

Due to the high volume of inquiries our all-volunteer group receives, please don’t inquire about particular dogs unless you have already submitted an application and successfully completed the application process. We appreciate your continued support.   

Be sure to check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for frequent photo updates and stories!  

Please Remember

  • Our expenses average 4 times the amount of the adoption fee per dog – meaning we have to generate $3.00 in donations for every $1.00 in adoption fees.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization that functions only on the money we raise through donations and adoption fees – we only spend the money we raise in a responsible manner to help the Bostons in our care.
  • We often don’t know exactly how old some of the bostons are. We use our vet’s expert opinion to determine approximate age in these scenarios.
  • It will be your responsibility to travel to pick up your boston. Transport assistance may be arranged if resources are available.
  • Please understand that we sometimes have a waiting list of applicants. We compare incoming Bostons to the needs of already approved adopters on our waiting list and offer incoming Bostons to those adopters first.

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