Due to the extensive time commitment to process an application, each adoption application requires a $10 non-refundable application processing fee.  (fee does not apply for foster home applications)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying to adopt, and you currently have pets, we require all canine/feline pets to be current on vaccinations and be spayed or neutered. Failure to comply will result in a delay of processing your application until we receive the updated vaccinations. 

SCBTR does not adopt to homes with unaltered pets unless altering was not recommended by a vet. Please reach out before applying if you have any questions.

ALL potential adopters and foster homes are thoroughly screened for suitable placements of animals. SCBTR may refuse placement of an animal for any reason. By submitting this application, you give permission for SCBTR to investigate and confirm the information that you provide. All forms become the property of SCBTR upon submission.

  • Do you currently have pets?
  • How long will the pet be left alone?
  • Do you want a puppy, or are you looking for an adult animal?
  • Do you have young children in the house?

What are the adoption requirements?

SCBTR adopts to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.  *** All other states are considered on a case-by-case basis  ***

If approved to adopt a dog from SCBTR, it is the sole responsibility of the new adopters to travel to wherever the dog is currently fostered for the adoption.

When/if possible, SCBTR and/or the foster, may assist with meeting within a reasonable distance from the fostered location to facilitate the adoption.

All adoptions are to be completed in-person between the current foster and new adoptive family.  No third party “transport” company or groups are allowed.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older, or have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  • You must have identification showing your current address and one form of picture ID.
  • You must have the consent of ALL adults living in the household.
  • You must have your landlord’s consent and pay a pet deposit if one is required.
  • Your pets must have current vaccinations and be free from contagious illnesses.
  • You must be able and willing to spend the time necessary to provide training, medical treatment, proper care, and companionship for the pet.
  • All animals in your home must be spayed / neutered.

What are the adoption fees?

AGE of BostonFEE
6 to 12 months
13 months to 3 years
4 years to 7 years
8 years and older

What is included in the adoption fee?

All SCBTR dogs are fully vetted at the time of adoption, which includes shots, fecal and heartworm test, worming and will be current on a monthly heartworm prevention medication, been spayed or neutered, microchipped, and have been treated for any current health issues. SCBTR adoption fee varies by dog and goes to cover the cost of vetting our rescues.

To start the adoption process, complete our online adoption application