Should your life change and you can no longer care for or keep your Boston, Southern Cross BTR will do our very best to help. Please email us at to let us know what your situation is. You will be instructed to fill out a Surrender Form.

Our ultimate goal is to place your Boston in a “forever” home. Prior to placing a Boston, we will take the dog to an approved SCBTR veterinarian and have a full medical evaluation. Any medical issues will be addressed. When the Boston is adopted, all medical information will be given to the new owner. The Boston will be placed in an approved foster home while awaiting adoption. If the Boston needs to be spayed or neutered, this will be done while in foster care. SCBTR does not adopt unaltered Bostons.

Once the Boston has been evaluated and is healthy, the dog will then be available for adoption. SCBTR’s adoption process is very rigid and involved. We want to find the perfect “forever” home for your Boston. We want you to know that your dog will be loved and well cared for!

If you wish to start the surrender process, please submit an online Surrender Form.